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Busy Bees is a proudly South Australian owned and operated landscaping and garden maintenance company. Our specialty is designing, creating and caring for exceptional gardens and outdoor spaces.

We work closely with our customers to make sure they get their desired outcome – whether it’s a garden space to be enjoyed, to be immersed in, or to simply admire!

Need to to sharpen up your shopfront facade or company building and grounds? Our experienced team can also handle commercial properties.

Whether you’re looking for a once-off tidy up or to regularly maintain your existing garden, completely overhaul your landscaping or simply replace irrigation and plants, we can help you achieve the look and feel you’re after.

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residential gardening service in Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Garden Maintenance - Residential

From once-off ‘trim and tidy-ups’ to routine, scheduled maintenance; we can mow, cut, trim, prune and remove your green waste. We can also inspect and diagnose irrigation systems, drainage, fencing and the health of your lawn, trees and plants.

We use only quality, well maintained equipment and implements and strive to have your garden or outdoor space looking its best ALL year round!

commercial landscaping, commercial garden maintenance, adelaide hills
Garden Maintenance - Commercial

Busy Bees maintains many varying commercial properties across not only different industry, but different sectors. This gives us great understanding into the different needs of our clients and the ability to cater to the situation more specifically and – importantly – more cost efficiently.

From arterial road front office buildings in metro Adelaide to smaller, often individualised spaces of retirement home living, strata managed common areas with input from multiple parties, larger scale blocks requiring less intensive horticultural management but equally effective aesthetic outcomes… we cover it all… and we do it at a price tailored to the often unique situation.

Get in touch to see if we can do it better – at a better price.

irrigation systems adelaide hills south australia

When choosing irrigation we consider soil type, lawn type, area size, water usage and also your budget. From the latest remotely-controlled, water saving, rotating pop-ups, to the more simple, sub-surface irrigation options, we help you choose the best option for your new or existing lawn.

landscaping and garden design in Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Complete overhaul. Refresh. Renew. Add to existing. Just one area. Just a bit at a time.

Big, small, medium sized area. New home build, old home, unit, townhouse, apartment.

New lawn. Rejuvenate old lawn. Install irrigation. Update irrigation. Re-new irrigation.

Plant. Source new plants. Trim, tip, prune, train, trellis, fertilise existing plants.

Soil. Remove or refill. Test, install, upgrade, refine. Core / Aerate. Mulch. Water.

Edging (StraightCurve™). Install edging. Design, cut, join, incorporate.

Remove. Remove old pavers, stones, concrete, debris, green waste.

We also do small earthworks and excavations. What we can’t do we enlist the services of tried and trusted tradespeople whom we work with regularly.

lawn and turn in adelaide hills, south australia
Lawn & Turf

We source and install instant lawn (or turf) of all area sizes. But, most importantly we do it properly.

We assess both environmental (sun/shade/soil type) and circumstantial (traffic/pets) factors when helping you choose the right lawn as well as making sure we get your existing soil base fit for purpose. We use turf grown here in SA and do everything from the site and soil preparation to irrigation installation and topdressing and fertilising.

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